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Why Memory Foam is Dominating the Mattress Market

Memory foams have become one of the fastest-selling bed and pillow material in Singapore for good reason.

Various scientific studies are now beginning to expound on the many dangers of sleeping in inappropriate materials primarily in faulty choice of bed mattress, pillow and other cushion foams.  Before, very few individuals were aware of the serious effects of choosing the wrong bed materials. However, the general public is now slowly realizing that these effects are not temporary aches or discomfort or minor muscles pains but can actually lead to injuries and more permanent conditions in the long run. Before, bed construction and ergonomics, frame material, type of pillow and linens were purchased based on price with little to no consideration on health repercussions. Today, the average consumer is more selective.

In terms of back support, the bed mattress is the most crucial element in avoiding neck and back injuries among adults and kids alike. Numerous mattress shops in Singapore offer a range of items to choose from. Of course, choosing the best quality mattress brand is not an exact science and the most appropriate material can vary from one individual to another in terms of personal comfort and preference. Many however seem to have been drawn to memory foams as the ideal quality mattress.

Memory foams are mid-range, orthopaedic, premium mattresses that have ergonomic properties and mould to the body in response to heat and pressure and therefore evenly distribute body weight to avoid unnecessary stress in areas where weight often concentrates during sleep. Compared to spring mattresses, memory foams returns to its original shape once pressure is removed and is therefore also very durable. This premium memory foam mattress provides a balance between comfort and support. They are not too firm and therefore provide necessary comfort to get sufficient rest and at the same time, not too soft and still provide adequate neck and back support and prevent twisting of joints or bad posture problems that are commonly associated with soft mattresses.

Compared to traditional spring or foam mattresses, memory foams in Singapore also comes in natural variant which is more durable with more than 5 year longevity with minimal loss of support and is made up of certified organic and natural components. Compared to spring mattresses, natural memory foams also do not contain metals. Since memory foam conforms to the body contours, it eliminates negative space and is ideal for proper spine alignment, eliminates numbness and soreness. And since it evenly distributes body weight, it also helps in increased and better blood circulation. Due to the balance of comfort and support it provides, memory foams also reduces sleep interruptions due to sudden aches or muscle strains. 

More high end brands of orthopaedic mattresses come in natural latex, microcoils and recently, gel-infused memory foam. These foams have been proven successful in preventing various types of injuries that they are also being used in other applications such as cushioning in helmets and shoes, support in prosthetic products to prevent pressure ulcers, seating pads for people severely disabled individuals and even as extra paddings for space suits. Still, memory foams in Singapore are significantly cheaper than most of these materials and can be easily found in many mattress sale in Singapore.

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